This was the first time after the wonderful restoration of the
St. Augustine's church to sing again in this amazingly beautiful building with its exceptional acoustics.
We could perform to our full dynamic range and we had very good comments and feedback from the audience.

St. Augustine's, Ramsgate, Saturday 8th December 2018

We had the seating set up in a cafe style with lots of candles lit, this gave this a nice warm atmosphere and helped everyone to get into the Christmas spirit! We raised £130 for the church.

St Philips Church, Margate, Saturday 1st December 2018

Great concert with a wide variety of instruments used whilst the wind and rain was howling outside! But the church was wonderfully warm and cosy.

St Luke's Church, Ramsgate, Saturday 6th October 2018

What a joy singing in this spacious church!

Holy Trinity Church, Broadstairs, Saturday 30th June 2018

As usual it has been a pleasure and

honour singing at the York Street Methodist Church!

Methodist Church, York Street, Broadstairs, Saturday 17th March 2018

This season has been special and our two services were wonderful athmospheric events helping everyone to be in the right spirits for Christmas.
St Philips Church, Margate, Sunday 10th December 2017
Salmestone Grange, Margate, Tuesday 12th December 2017

A new venture! We were honoured to add to the athmosphere of this excellently performed play by singing medieaval themed tunes and snippets.
St Peters Church, St Peters, 3th&4th November 2017

We joined the choirs of St Nicholas at Wade Church, St Mary's Church Minster and All Saints Church Birchington, in aid of
the Minster Organ restoration appeal. Each choir performed some individual songs, and then came together to form a massed
choir, accompanied by a live orchestra.
We raised in excess of £1100!

St Mary the Virgin, Minster, Saturday 14th October

The All Saints Choir, Pav an Cantate came together for this performance. This was indeed a big sing with a lot of audience participation. Never was 'Y Viva Espania' sung with such gusto by an audience! It is safe to say everyone taking part had great fun. This event raised £830 for Children in Need.

All Saints, Birchingon, Saturday 7th October 2017

We had a great time in St Philips! The concert with music from all around the world was followed by a wonderful Ploughmans dinner provided and prepared by Liz&Liz and lots of other helpers from the church.
We managed to raise £171 pounds for the church!
Thank you and well done everyone!
St Philips, Margate, Sunday 10th September 2017

We enjoyed performing in this concert in the Birchington Church which has great acoustics. The theme from Tallis to Take That was too tempting not to use and very popular with our exclusive audience.
All Saints Church, Birchington, Saturday 20th May 2017

This was a great season. The Carol service at St Philips had a wonderful atmosphere with Candles on little tables and Christmas nibbles.
The local Farmers Market was a delight and enhanced by our singing, and we were so popular in the little chapel of Salmestone Grange that we currently considering having two performances there in the Christmas season in 2016.

The first half was a wonderful mix right through the centuries again. The second half started the Christmas season off. The mince pies in the interval helped!

Holy Trinity, Ramsgate, 12th September 2015

Spanning 500 years of music styles in this concert, making also use of the skills as instrumentalists in our choir.

St Augustine Ramsgate July 2015

A great summer evening with a first half of sacred music and a second with secular music

Lots of diversity in the amazing setting of this wonderful church. We were supported by the Handbell Ringers and Lorna on her violin.